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PM – laziness and overdependence the main causes of hardship

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/06/2019

The Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva told MPs this morning the main cause of hardship in Tonga includes slothfulness and dependent lifestyles as most people rely heavily on assistance either locally or from abroad instead of helping themselves.

During deliberations in the Whole House Committee PM says the people need to step up and work either at their plantations or build their own businesses in order to generate income for their families rather than just waiting around for funds or assistance.

He praised the Asian people and used them as the perfect example of hardworking people who migrated to Tonga, built their own businesses from scratch and now have become very successful businessmen who has helped with Tonga’s development especially in the informal sector, while Tongan people identified as “poverty” and “in need of urgent financial assistance from the Government” are enjoying themselves consuming Tongan Kava roots at the clubs every night when the prices of local kava is very expensive.

He responded to the issue when Number Two Noble representative of Vava’u Lord Tu’i’afitu requested the Government to address poverty in Tonga as more youths are unemployed and without any formal assistance, prompting young people to engage themselves in criminal activities and drug related crimes as a way to inject incomes for their families.

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