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Kolovai celebrated the installation of three new talking chiefs by Prince Ata

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/06/2019

The people of Kolovai celebrated on Friday afternoon the installation of three new talking chiefs by HRH Prince Ata.

The three new chiefs were given with the new titles as La’akulu, Katoa ki he Hau and Mailau.

The first part of the celebration was the kava ceremony with Prince Ata the Olovaha.

One of Prince Ata’s talking chiefs Pahulu says, the event is a historical occasion to the people of Ata because all of his talking chiefs were present at the event.

One of the newly talking chiefs, La’akulu says this is a milestone to his family because they grew up and see at how they follow chiefs and he is excited to become one of Prince Ata’s talking chiefs.

After the first part of the installation, La’akulu’s families prepared a feast for His Royal Highness and the people of Kolovai.

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