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Qualification on higher Institutions reviewed

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/06/2019

The Tonga National Qualification and Accreditation Board this morning hosted a one-day workshop for all Post Compulsory Education and Training Institutions and related stakeholders to ensure better quality in education in the future.

The workshop aims to inform the related stakeholders, about the main roles of TNQAB and developer in Qualification Review and to also highlight and clarify stages in Qualification Review to assist with the preparation on implementation of policies.

Acting CEO of TNQAB – Pauline Moa says, they’ve seen the rise on unemployment in Tonga and there’s a need to adress the issue urgently.

Pauline adds, they are currently working with various institutions in Tonga including Tonga Institute of Higher Education – TIHE to accreditate their journalism and media program before the graduation program this year.

Meanwhile, government statistician who’s also a member of the board – Dr Viliami Fifita talked about one of the important elements related stakeholders could use to adress the issue.

“These line ministries are wearing two hats – they are producing and using those information. If there’s no independencies, what happens is they will produce what looks good for them. They will produce more indicators that will drive to get more money or funding. But at the same time, we are merging – we are looking at what are the needs and we will comply with the producers. And I think the element of independencies is an element I think is important to look at the work that you’re doing. You need to discuss in a policy level the providers, the reviewers, the market, the workforce, but at the same time when you conduct your respective roles, they have to be independent so that we can get quality Qualification Review.”

Dr Fifita also elaborated on the significance of the workshop for Tonga especially the youths.

”We have a lot of indicators and one of them is unemployment. I’m looking forward for the next 5 years when we monitor the progress towards SDG’s and other priorities for Tonga, that we see these indicators are going down because we’ll be giving more qualifications, more opportunities that are relevant to our people – more qualifications that are recognised, that are high level and more qualifications that will be useful for our young people in the future and I can see these indicators will drop down. If we have low unemployment rate, we will have less poverty.”

The workshop ended this afternoon.

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