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Tonga celebrates advanced US Independence day

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/06/2019

The Acting Prime Minister talked about the significance of the diplomatic relationship between Tonga and the United States during a program yesterday to mark the 243rd anniversary America’s independence day.

In his remarks, Hon. Semisi Sika praised the efforts and assistance made by America towards the development of the country.

“The Kingdom of Tonga and the United States of America has manifested a long-standing historical and friendly ties between the two countries and people. The partnership between the United States and the Kingdom of Tonga has general and deep based on shared values and close cooperation. Our two countries have collaborated on many matters including peace and security, improving maritime security, and fostering cooperation and developments.”

Over the last 5 decades, more than 1,700 peace corp volunteers have offered to work in Tonga to develop and assist in education, health, economic development, agriculture, and youth development.

The government of Tonga acknowledges the invaluable partnership between HMAF and the National Guard of Nevada to strengthen and enhance the military cooperation between the two countries as well as for the assistance provided by the US-Aid to the Tongan Red Cross in response to Cyclone Gita last year

For almost a decade, Tonga has access to consular services here in Nuku’alofa however Sika hopes the US government will take into consideration to allow first-time applicants to be interviewed here in Nuku’alofa.

Meanwhile, the Acting Deputy Chief of Mission – Heleine Tuling talked about the benefits of the assistance they have provided for Tonga.

” The US Embassy recently provided law, immigration and customs enforcement training focused on securing a nation’s border imports of entry to 87 Tongan law enforcement officers. In the past year, our American corner here in Tonga has held over 35 events and welcomed approximately 900 visitors. The relationship between HMAF and the Nevada National Guard continues to grow through our state partnership program. Through that program and all of our defense engagement, we have worked together to raise the profile of women serving a national security role recognizing the vital contribution made by women to conflict resolution and effective problem-solving.”

US independence day is marked on the 4th of July of every year and this year is an advance celebration to allow Americans in Tonga to take part in His Majesty’s Royal Birthday next week.

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