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Reigning Miss Heilala awards prizes to winners of Miss Tau’olunga Jr competition

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/06/2019

The Reigning Miss Heilala – Kalo Funganitao together with the Acting Prime Minister – last night awarded winners of the Miss Tau’olunga Jr. Competition.

The program was in 3 categories – Junior, Preteen and Teen.

In the Junior Category – ‘Alisi ‘Ofa Pulu 7-year-old from San Francisco America stole the first spot. First runner up went to 8-year-old Jasmine Tapueluelu from Auckland NZ while second runner up was claimed by Ma’ata VEatupu and Hena Hingano.

In the Preteen category, ‘Ana Tupou Maka 10-year-old from Auckland NZ took away the first prize, ‘Ana Tohi from Ha’ateiho 10-year-old claimed the second spot while Finau Lavulo Cook from Auckland NZ went home with the third prize.

Lastly with the teen category, Caroline Pome’e claimed the first spot, second Spot went to Virginia Kaufusi and Sisilia Valele while the 3rd place was another tie – with Soana Veatangitau and ‘Ana Manu Siua.

The prizes presented – the first prize was 500 pa’anga cash, second prize was 400 pa’anga cash and 300 pa’anga cash was the prize for the 3rd place.

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