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DPM defends his actions at Miss Heilala pageant’s final night

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/07/2019

The Deputy Prime Minister has defended his actions on the final night of the Miss Heilala pageant – when in the middle of Miss Heilala 2018-2019’s speech – he told the PA system technicians to turn off her microphone and to turn up the music instead.

In the Miss Heilala’s speech – Kalo Funganitao spoke of her experiences during her 1 year reign as Miss Heilala, saying she and her family were mistreated and even as she was attending the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant, she was unable to focus on the pageant because she did not have the support she was promised. She also pointed out that she felt nothing but a lack of support from people who were supposedly put into roles to help her.

However speaking to Radio Tonga News this morning – Semisi Sika said, despite the truth to the issues that Kalo raised – he believes it was inappropriate for her to criticise the Heilala pageant committer on stage, adding that her speech also ruined the dignity of the competition. He said, that night, as Kalos speech unfolded, they only had 2 options, either to turn off her mic or remove her from stage.

Kalo finished her speech without a microphone, but with her brother, mother, and the Miss Heilala 2019 contestants surrounding her onstage, before she left the venue.

The Miss Heilala 2019-2020 was announced following this, won by Miss S&S USA Trading – Yehenara Soukop. Semisi Sika presented the prizes to the new Miss Heilala before she crowned herself.

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