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Police Minister believes Family Protection Act because of Tongan culture

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/07/2019

The Minister of Police – Mateni Tapueluelu is against the regulation of the Family Protection Act as he believes that it is not useful for Tonga because of our culture and way of life.

He highlighted the issue during the Mo’ui Fo’ou ‘ia Kalaisi Fellowship’s panel clarifying that this regulation affects peace and harmony among our people.

Tapueluelu says that since this regulation came into use in Tonga, things have changed with children pressing charges against parents for alleged “assaults” at home, people assaulting police officers and students assaulting their teachers in school, and Tapueluelu says these are happening because the children believe they are protected under this regulation.

Mateni emphasized that this regulation make things easier for importing drugs into the country because children are disregarding authorities, and parents fear disciplining their children because of the Family Protection Act.

The minister adds he is against this act because he believes that the highest laws out of all these acts is the bible, quoting from the book of Ephesians that children are to honor their monther and father.

He also encouraged parents to have daily evening prayers at home because it is the first school for children to learn all these important life lessons.

Meanwhile Viliami Fotu of Tu’akatakilangi and Taniela Ta’ai of Vaini also disagreed with the act as they believe that according to Tongan culture and way of life it is important to discipline the children to have a good future.

The Minister of Education – Penisimani Fifita, Inspector Netane Falakiseni, Rev. Taufa Filiai and Setita Tu’i’onetoa were also panelists at this program.

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