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Police are searching for the driver who hit the power pole at Ha’akame

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/07/2019

Police in Nukunuku are currently searching for the driver of the vehicle that hit the power pole in Ha’akame early this morning.

Acting Superintendent of the Nukunuku Police Station ‘Alifeleti Takataka says the accident happened around 6 this morning at the main road from Ha’akame to Houma known as the Hala Liku Road.

When Police arrived at the scene, they only found the vehicle without the driver.

It is believed the driver is from Fahefa.

This morning’s accident has caused power disruption in the areas at ‘Utulau, Vaotu’u and Fonongahina and linesmen from Tonga Power are at the scene to repair the damage with hopes power will be restored as soon as possible.

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