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Newly implemented project hopes to change people’s first choice of meat

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/07/2019

Experts from China are in Nuku’alofa with an initiative to change the people’s first choice of having chicken as their main meat for their daily consumption to duck as it is more affordable and healthier.

The project aims at distributing ducks to communities as China believes duck meat is healthier and more affordable for the people for their daily consumption instead of chicken.

Chicken thighs is very popular in Tonga because it’s affordable compared to other meats such as beef, fish and mutton flaps.

The coordinator of the duck farm in Nukunuku – Mosese Manoa says, he has been working with the Chinese government on the project for five years and they are impressed with the results shown and they are hoping to encourage the people to change their main choice of meat.

Close to 300 ducks are kept at Nukunuku for breeding.

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