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Turkish oil tanker allegedly involved with Tonga’s internet blackout

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 22/07/2019

Board Member of Tonga Cable Limited – Piveni Piukala still believes that the cause of the internet blackout in Tonga earlier this year was sabotaged.

Speaking to Radio Tonga news this morning Piukala says, satellite images show that a Turkish registered oil tanker was involved with the incident as it was on the scene when the cable was cut.

Piukala adds, the oil tanker is a regular to Tonga, it also knows the areas permitted for docking and the restrictions, however it was on restricted areas on the Sunday when the cable was cut and it made unusual movements causing four cuts on the fiber optic cable.

He said they are referring the issue to the Ministry of Police – as they have the authority to carry out investigations and make charges on those responsible.

However the board received a report last week, when police contacted the Turkish owned fuel tanker company for further enquiry but to their surprise, none of the crew members that were on board during the alleged sabotage incident still works for the company.

The board is now looking for other alternatives to bring justice to what happened.

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