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Youth need more job opportunities, says Lord Vaea

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/07/2019

Lord Vaea requests Government for additional job opportunities for the youth of Houma to reduce involvement with criminal activities especially with drug-related crimes.

The estate holder of Houma – Lord Vaea is requesting the Government for additional assistance specifically for the youth of the village as it will help them earn income to cater for their needs and wants.

He made the statement during his speech at a special program for the youth hosted by the town council of Houma at the Catholic church’s hall.

Lord Vaea believes if Government provides more employment opportunities, then the youth will no longer prioritize joining criminal activities to earn more income.

Lord Vaea adds, Tonga has excelled for the first time in the Pacific Games and hopes youth interested in sports will continue to make Tonga proud whether in sports, education and other sectors as well.

Attending yesterday’s program was Tu’ifua Takapautolo from Tonga Skills who says, that even though not everyone will work in offices in the future, there are many other opportunities they can earn a living through according to their individual talents.


Takapautolo used weaving and handicrafts as example for the young women, while young men can earn a living through plumbing and others especially those who stay home from school without a job.

After the program, town officer of Nukunuku – Sione Nuku Kata is hopeful the youth will be able to work for a living whether it be selling crops from their plantation, even set up their own businesses.

Meanwhile, the Catholic church’s youth leader – Ongokie ‘Olosoni says, the program is important as it will help their youth find jobs to provide for themselves and their families.

There are more than 300 youth in Houma.

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