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Real Tonga launched its first flight to Suva Fiji and return

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/07/2019

Tonga’s local airline, Real Tonga launched its first direct flight from Fua’amotu to Suva Fiji and return, this afternoon as was attended by the Speaker of Parliament Lord Fakafanua, CEO of Real Tonga Tevita Palu and staff.

Speaking to Radio and Television Tonga News – Palu says, this is the second time for the company to operate regionally and they are very happy with the outcome.

Last year Real Tonga marked its first international flight between Tonga and Samoa.

“As the company tries to expand its services, we will upgrade our aircraft and services for our customers.”

As Real Tonga continues to serve the people with its flight services, Palu hopes Real Tonga will continues its working relationship with the people.

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