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Prince Ngu hospital in Vava’u records most number of patients for the year

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/07/2019

The Prince Ngu hospital of Vava’u last week recorded the most number of patients for the year as parents brought in their children for medical treatments as many were suffering from the flu.

The town officer of Neiafu – Vavaa Lapota says, most of the patients admitted were infants.

As many children needed medical treatments urgently, another doctor was called in for assistance.

Meanwhile, in a previous interview with the Medical Superintendent of the Vaiola Hospital – Dr Lisiate ‘Ulufonua regarding the situation of the influenza virus in Tongatapu, he urged the public to be more cautious during Tonga’s winter season.

Dr ‘Ulufonua also emphasized the importance for those who are medically unwell to stay home from school or work to avoid others being contracted by the virus.

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