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Audit report on the financial statement from the Tonga National Rugby League is expected to due next week

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/08/2019

The audit report on the financial statement of the Tonga National Rugby League is expected to be released next week.

The audit was carried by the interim board, after the former board was dissolved as member clubs were dissatisfied with the financial statement not being audited.

The counsel for the interim board William Clive Edwards Jr says they are currently waiting for the audit report of the board’s bank account in Australia.

He adds, they are trying their best to complete the report for next week – so they can finally announce the time for the AGM where they will elect new board members.

Meanwhile, the legal counsel for the former members of the board Siosifa Tu’utafaiava says, he understood the outcome from their chamber court case earlier this week, that the audit report will be completed by Wednesday or Thursday next week and if it is yet to be completed, the board members will present the audit report they have.

However, Edwards Jr. says, there was no court order that stated a time where they must present their audit report.

With the upcoming AGM proposed for next week, Tu’utafaiva says the former board members of the Tonga National Rugby League are eligible to be vote and to be nominated again for the new board.

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