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FWC hosts drugs awareness program to secondary schools

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/08/2019

The Free Wesleyan Church’s Crisis Unit Centre for drugs believes their drugs awareness program to secondary schools has been proven a success.

Rev. Semisi Kava from the Centre says, they have seen effective results from their outreach program to the schools – as teachers are more aware of the symptoms from drug-addict students.

Part of their program is talking in-depth about the impacts of drugs and empowering teachers to prevent students from the harmful effects of drugs.

Various feedbacks have been received by the Centre from teachers who followed up on high school students faced with drugs which according to Rev Kava is alarming.

Rev Semisi Kava adds, they are carrying out similar programs to the communities so parents could also be aware of their own children who are faced with similar problems.

Similar programs will be carried out in the outer islands.

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