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GPS Neiafu won the district soroban competition 2019

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/08/2019

Students from GPS Neiafu won again Vava’u’s soroban competition for the year, GPS Liviela was in second place while students from GPS Tefisi claimed the third price.

The winners include ‘Ana Kasimea from Neiafu GPS who won the class 3 written examination, and ‘Ofa Loloa of Liviela GPS won the class 4 written examination, while Moana Tokolahi won class 5.

More than three hundred soroban students from classes three, four and five competed in three categories including, written examination, oral examination and flash examination.

The top students on each level were awarded with prizes, and the top students in class 3 and 4 written category will be representing the Primary Schools of Vava’u in the National Soroban Competition next year in March.


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