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Three lane road initiative piloted in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/08/2019

A three-lane-road initiative was piloted this morning with cooperation between the Transport division of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Tonga Police’s Traffic Unit.

This sees three-lanes instead of the usual two, along the Taufa’ahau road starting from the three-way intersection at Pea, to the three-way intersection at Tofoa.

The stretch of Taufa’ahau Road from the three-way junction in Pea to the three-way junction at Tofoa is where traffic is most congested on weekday mornings, where 2 roads converge into one at the three-way junction in Pea, only diverging at the three-way junction in Tofoa.

For years now traffic has always been bad in this particular stretch on weekday mornings. Beginning this morning the Transport Division and the Police Traffic Unit are piloting a new three-lane road initiative which sees the Taufa’ahau Road lane heading into town, doubled.

This will continue throughout this month on weekday mornings from 7-9am with the Transport Division and Police making adjustments to the set-up as required.

It is hoped that with this new initiative the traffic will not be as congested on this particular road, resulting in a shorter travel time to Nuku’alofa for those in the Hahake, Central, and parts of the Hihifo district, rushing to school and work in the morning.

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