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Matala Training and Learning Solution successful in Ha’atafu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/08/2019

26 women of Ha’atafu can able to start their individual works as a business for their family’s living.

The Matala Training and Learning Solution marked the completion of their training yesterday with the awarding of certificates to the 26 women of Ha’atafu who took part in the training.

The Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Women’s Division – Polotu Paunga says this training was aimed at helping develop women’s skills in villages.

More than 300 women development groups have registered with the Women’s Division to request funding of their projects for generating income.

Meleoni Uera who conduct the training from Matala Training and Learning Solution elaborate the outcomes that these women received.

“The training we conducted was named a business planning. Matala in our Tongan language means is blossoming. Something beautiful coming out of the flower and part of the key theme in our training that comes through a business planning as we identified you can see some of our charts where they work in groups we identified our strengths and we identified our weaknesses.”

“This has been a group of fantastic women who has come not only from Ha’atafu they have come from the neighbouring villages they’ve worked together in groups, they’ve learnt to present, they’ve learnt to work out their differences, they’ve learnt to come together and sat little projects . We have a recycle and reuse project that has been work out of this that we do hope we’re going to follow it through.”

Meanwhile the representative from Tonga Skills – Tu’ifua Takapautolo express their aims to the people including women groups, youths and men that requests funds for their projects.

“Tonga Skills it’s an inclusive organization which is working towards the economic development of Tonga in an inclusive way and we are thankful for the Australian government for the support given to Tonga through Tonga Skills to ensure that women and not this women but youths, men as well are given the opportunity to learn some new skills and to howne skills that they already had but need to be improved especially for the economic development of our country”

Similar training were conduct to women group of Kanokupolu, Fo’ui, ‘Ahau and ‘Atata.

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