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Vava’u Governor gifts land to athletes

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/08/2019

The governor of Vava’u Lord Fakatulolo had announced gifting of lands to 3 athletes from Vava’u that represented Tonga to the Pacific Games that was held in Samoa last month.

The 3 athletes includes Mosese Foliaki, Tautalatala Po’oi and Taina Halasima.

Mosese Foliaki of Pangaimotu and Ta’anea claimed 2 gold medals for Tonga during the games, 1 silver medal from Tautalatala Po’oi.

Information from the governor’s office states, that gifting of lands is an appreciation from the island to the 3 athletes for their hard work and going the extra mile to get Tonga to the exciting result it returned with.

Not only that but it’s to also encourage youth in their talents, and for whatever they do, to ensure they do their best for the country and to glorify the heavenly father.

Mosese Foliaki told radio Tonga news, this is so unreal, he never thought that he would receive such gift he then thanked the governor for the gift and said that glory be to god for the talent that was given to him.

Meanwhile, Tonga athletic coach Angakehe said, this is a motivation to athletes for future competitions.

The announcement was made during a welcoming ceremony in Pangaimotu for the 3 athletes last week and was attended by the chairman of the Tonga sports council Ikani Taliai, Angakehe the coach and many families and friends of the athletes.

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