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Amount of drugs in Tonga believed to be declining

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/08/2019

Police Minister says there’s a sign indicating that the amount of drugs in Tonga is declining.

Hon. Mateni Tapueluelu says, he believes drug dealers are running out of supplies and are seeking illegal ways to convince police and customs officers to smuggle the seized drugs, which are secured under authorities.

Tapueluelu adds, the seized drugs are safe and secured for laboratory tests in New Zealand for confirmation before it’s destroyed.

Just last month, a police officer was charged for accepting bribery.

Meanwhile Police Minister says the Drug Taskforce operations are successful with seizing of drugs and arresting people for drug related crimes.

Police Spokesperson says, since the establishment of the taskforce to April this year, a total of 202 people were arrested and charged for drug related crimes, including two police officers.

The two officers are currently suspended from duty.

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