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Locals say internet rates are too costly

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/08/2019

Many locals believe that internet in Tonga is really expensive compared to overseas countries including Fiji and Samoa.

Eroni Senipili from Fiji who’s currently in Nukualofa said, the internet in Fiji is not only cheap but it’s fast too, but for Tonga it’s really expensive but it is slow.

Mahina Moimoi of Longolongo who’s visiting from Australia supported Senipili and said, this issue needs to be addressed because it’s affecting the locals.

Meanwhile Joan questioned, why Tonga’s internet is so slow as Tonga s already using the fiber optic cable, and not only that the locals deserve to know the reason behind the expensive rate of internet.

However Timote Katoanga CEO OF TCC one of the internet carrier denied this and said, Tonga has the cheapest rate for internet compared to overseas countries.

But CEO of Tonga cable limited supported the public that internet is expensive.

Meanwhile information from the ministry of MEIDECC confirm that the issue can be addressed when they further discuss with stakeholders such as the two internet carriers and TCL but they believe the internet can be cheaper than the current price

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