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Government considers ban on Facebook

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/08/2019

Government is considering a ban on Facebook in Tonga, to combat the rise of abusive comments and images being shared on the social media site.

On Thursday’s edition of Tonga Today, the Minister of Police – Mateni Tapueluelu said the government were looking to address the rise of abusive and harmful content being shared on Facebook, targeted at His Majesty the King, and although not yet confirmed, one of their courses of action they were seriously considering, was a total ban of Facebook in Tonga.

The Prime Minister also commented on the idea saying that Facebook has its benefits but the negative side of it cannot be ignored.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites worldwide and is very popular among Tongans as well. It is a great tool for staying in touch with loved ones separated by long distance, and it also is used to share information on current events. If the government does go through with these plans, it will surely impact the lives of a lot of Tongans.

However the Prime Minister believes this would be necessary in order to stop the spread of hateful and divisive content on Facebook, which is hurting others.

This idea is not a new one, other countries have already banned Facebook, including China, Iran, and North Korea.

However at the moment work on this issue is currently ongoing and will be confirmed once finalized.

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