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International Youth day marked in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/08/2019

In marking International Youth Day yesterday, the guest of honor at the program – Lavinia Hoamofaleono Ma’afu urged leaders, in the government, community, and family to “enable our youth environment, hear our voices, allow us to contribute, engage us in decisions, harness our best who are overflowing with great ideas and youthful energy.”

She emphasized the importance of an enabling environment for youth to grow and to make good decisions for their future.

” I believe that to effect long life differences the transformative education process begins at home. To grow and to make good decisions for our future, youth needs an enabling environment to first begin in the home. This will in turn have a flow-on effect to our schools the workplace, church or communities, and out government”, says Lavinia Ma’afu.

She also challenged the thought that youth are the generation of tomorrow, saying they are the children of right now and so encouraged the youth in Tonga

“It is said that education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world, that it is the passport to the future, and that tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it. For an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Youth in Tonga, we must know our purpose, we must strive to learn, be eager to listen, we must lead by example to be responsible and accountable for our actions to break the cycle of hardship that are affluent in our community. We must boldly step out in faith and along the way, let us remember that we are loved, that we are important in God’s sight”, she said.

During the program, several achievements of youths over the past year were also recognized along with the presentation of a special youth report from the Statistics Departments.

Yesterday’s program was one of many others organized for throughout this week, all to mark Youth Day and promote the importance of the youth voice and leadership.

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