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Family Life Education framework highlighted yesterday

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/08/2019

A report presented at the National Youth Dialogue has highlighted the importance of the Family Life Education framework for empowering and enhancing education in the country.

Mele Talahiva Fine a local consultant with the Family Life Education yesterday made a presentation on the Family Life Education framework aimed at the empowerment of individuals lives by enhancing their capacity to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes and enhancing the capacity of individuals by teaching the life skills that will enable them to deal effectively with Demands & challenges of everyday life.

Fine emphasized important life skills included self-concept, communication, listening, decision making, amongst others, that can help address some of the issues that Tongans face such as; substance abuse, suicide, truancy, teenage marriages, and even sexually transmitted infections.

Her presentation stated that Education Ministers of 14 Pacific Island countries at the 2006 Pacific Forum endorsed the integration of FLE into formal curriculum development but Tonga has not yet honored this endorsement.

This presentation on Family Life Education is one of several presentations at the National Youth Dialogue held yesterday with the theme – taken from the International Youth Day theme – Transforming Education. Other topics during the dialogue included, the Tonga National Youth Policy and Strategy, State of Pacific Youth Report from the United Nationals Population Fund, adolescent health, along with other panel discussions.

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