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Youth voice important in addressing climate change issues

 Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/08/2019

The voice of the youth is important in the issue of climate change because they will be the ones to suffer the irreversible consequences of climate change in the future.

This year’s Climate Change Awareness week is also highlighting the efforts of the youth of the country in regards to climate change.

In a Climate Change Department program on Radio & Television Tonga News yesterday, Mausa Halahala from the Tonga National Youth Congress and Taufui Naufahu from 350-Tonga said, in order to tackle climate change, it is important for both government leaders and the youth to work together to build a resilient country. Naufahu also urged the youth of the country to step up and take action saying everyone can do their bit, and it isn’t necessary to join a particular group or organisation but everyone can do something about climate change starting in their own homes, planting trees or using less single-use plastic.

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