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More media coverage on economic/business sector

 Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/08/2019

Media should focus a spotlight on the economic/business sector because this is the biggest sector that affects people’s lives and understanding what is going on and the current state of the sector can impact how people make decisions in their daily lives.

This was emphasized during a training for media and journalist representatives from around the Pacific, held in Australia.

The training was facilitated by PACMAS, funded by Australia in cooperation with the ABC.

During the one week training the ABC brought in experts, veteran journalists in this field to discuss ways of creating and writing news stories on the business and economic sector of a country, especially information that journalists need to look for such as the tax and budget of the country, because this is what concerns all the people of the country.

Radio & Television Tonga News spoke with one of the journalists who attended from Tonga – Kalafi Moala.

He said it is important for the people to understand the national budget because it is the budget for the government, their spending, how the money is spent, what is prioritized in the budget, and it needs to be explained clearly not just for journalists but for parliamentarians as well so that when presented, the people would be able to understand it.

This affects the people’s lives, education services and such, and is vital that people know and understand this.

Moala also pointed out that majority of the news in Tonga has a focus on politics more than business and the economy, which affects the people more.

He said politics is not the only thing people are concerned for. Politics is important but so are the economy, employment, businesses, youth, education and others that all impact people’s lives. There are a lot of topics that make an impact, but politics is only about 20% of that. There is a need to seek deeper for stories, voices not often heard or given a platform, rural villages and remote islands, for the other topics less recognized.

Also joining the Tongan media and journalist representatives at this training was Pesi Fonua from Matangitonga.

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