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Experts from Auckland in Tonga to educate growers on vanilla farming

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/08/2019

A team from the University of Auckland is currently in Nuku’alofa to assist and to educate locals on vanilla farming.

Leading the team from the University of Auckland, Dr. Sisikula Sisifā says, this is a great way for families to earn income.

In terms of social and economic development, we can see a lot of opportunities there especially with vanilla being labor-intensive but very delegate process in pollinating and so we are seeing a lot more females sort of intern to the agricultural sector which is encouraging because traditionally Tongan women wouldn’t actually be caught in a in sort of that sector so that’s really encouraging for social development terms of the economic offering some benefit of vanilla with the prices now set at 600-800 US dollars per kg we can sort of assume from that would be a lot of opportunities for providing financial to the stability and a sustainable one and that’s a lot of opportunities for vanilla in providing those benefits”

Dr. Sisifā hopes that after their visit more people here in Tonga especially women will be interested in growing vanilla.

While in Nuku’alofa the team is working with the University of the South Pacific – USP to help educate the local growers and those interested on vanilla farming.


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