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Project Preparation Training for disaster management sector

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/08/2019

Due to Tonga’s vulnerability to natural disasters the United States Agency for International Development is helping strengthen the resilience of Tongan communities. This morning the Acting CEO of the Ministry of MEIDECC/ Director of Meteorology – ‘Ofa Fa’anunu launched the United States Agency for International Development’s Project Preparation Training for representatives from departments and organisations working in the disaster management sector

The Acting CEO of MEIDECC ‘Ofa Fa’anunu says Tonga is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and there’s an urgent need for the public to know more about its effects and ways to save the nation from the impacts of climate change.

“Temperature is increasing, sea level is rising, the ocean is warming, flooding, drought anf tropical cyclones are more intense as we had witnessed with Tropical Cyclone Waqa, Ian and very recently the severe of Tropical Cyclone Gita … Priority climate actions in Tonga are highlighted in the Tonga Climate Change Policy 2016, the Tonga JNAP 2 on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management, 2018-2028, Nationally Determined Contributions and the Tonga GCF Country Programme,” said Fa’anunu.

“Consistent provision and flow of financial resources, the availability of technologies that are most feasible to country’s circumstances and capacity building are means of support for successful implementation of these climate actions in Tonga. We therefore call the community especially developed countries for their continued assistance and support to us.”

The facilitator for the project preparation training – from the UN Environment of Ethiopia – Dr. Keith Bettinger elaborates more on this week’s program.

“What we found in the past is that our colleagues generally know about adaptation but forming a project that is what we call bankable … that’s a very that can procure your skill set that we don’t learn at school, we don’t learn at the university but we learn it through practice”

Bettinger said, “I’m going to share with you some knowledge and experience so you can develop project too. So over the course of this week what we’re going to do is we’re going to move from an idea for adaptation and we’re going to move you to a point where you can develop a concept note or proposal for anything from a small grant in the neighbourhood of 25,000 US dollars to a big GCF project up to 25 million US dollars and above.”

Also assisting Dr. Bettinger with the training are Dr. Ryan Longman and a representative from the USAID Climate Ready Project from Fiji – Noa Tokavou.

Participating at the one week training are representatives from the Ministry of Fisheries, Tonga Development Bank, related stakeholders and Non-Government Organizations.

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