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PM clarifies the reasons for the delays in the constructions, following TC Gita

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/08/2019

The Hon. Prime Minister highlighted in a press release from his office – that the reason behind the major delays in the construction of homes and schools that were destroyed by Cyclone Gita last year is because they must comply with procurement procedures from multi-lateral funding agencies that donated money for the recovery operation.

Hon. Pohiva said, the money for the construction came from several funding agencies and each of those agencies have very strict guidelines for disbursement and procurement procedures with which they must comply.

Pohiva said, there is no way they can bypass this.

He said he is as frustrated as the home owners and owners of schools but all he can do is plead for their patience.

However, Pohiva was responding to an article by Radio NZ International where Kalafi Moala it’s correspondent here in Tonga quoted, teachers speaking out about the situation and asking how much longer they will have to wait to return permanent structures.

Moala stated teachers saying that words given to them all the time is ‘we are working on it’.

The teacher said he doesn’t think that it is necessarily the lack of funds because there are a lot of organizations from overseas that have either given funds or have promised to give funds. He thinks it is just a lack of co-ordination on the ground.

However Pohiva clarified that delays in construction is because they have to comply with strict guidelines and procurement procedures from the agencies, but Radio Tonga News is still trying to contact authorities to clarify and elaborate on what procedures and guidelines are these – that has led to the delay of the work for nearly a year now.

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