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Dr. Tu’i Uata denies report by Tonga Ma’a Tonga News Paper that cabinet wrote off its TOP$900,000 tax liability

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/08/2019

Hon. Dr. Tu’i Uata – Minister of Trade and Economic Development has denied reports by Tonga Ma’a Tonga Newspaper – that cabinet wrote off his TOP$900,000 tax liability with the Uata company.

Uata said, firstly he doesn’t own a company therefore it is impossible for him to have tax liability. He said, Tonga Ma’a Tonga didn’t provide any evidence about the allegation and no one contacted him for a comment on the issue.

However, in Tonga Ma’a Tonga’s article, it alleged that the “Tu’i Uata company ” had $900 thousand pa’anga tax liability – and Pohiva’s government wrote it off.

Radio and Television Tonga News is still trying to contact the Ministry of Trade – to confirm if the Minister own a business company as alleged in the article.

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