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PM calls for close collaboration in appointing Tonga’s Foreign Diplomats

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/08/2019

The Hon. Prime Minister has denied allegations that he is trying to remove his Majesty’s constitutional power in appointing Tonga’s foreign diplomats. This was after PM Pohiva during a press conference few weeks ago said, that it is wrong for Privy Council to elect or appoint foreign Diplomats, according to advice from the Attorney General.

In during a televised program on TV Tonga – Pohiva said, that he understands the authority to appoint the foreign diplomatic posts lies with His Majesty, the King, but he is hoping that there can be closer cooperation WITH government on this issue because government is funding these foreign missions.

However, Lord Dalgetty, emphasized that the law is quite clear that the appointment of foreign diplomatic representatives is under the King, adding that there’s nothing to stop the minister and the secretary for foreign affairs from making their own recommendations.

Lord Dalgetty says he is not aware of any request from the Prime Minister for closer cooperation but the constitution and the laws regarding this issue are quite clear.

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