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Andrew Fifita sought help from PM about Mate Ma’a Tonga’s dissatisfaction over the interim board

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/08/2019

Mate Ma’a Tonga’s prop – Andrew Fifita this morning sought help from the Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva and his government over their dissatisfaction with the interim board’s operation.

Fifita on behalf of the Mate Ma’a Tonga teams said, they are not supporting the current board and are not satisfied because the board didn’t keep to the agreement they made in their first meeting. Fifita said, this includes him saying the interim board changed their coach to the World nines without consulting them – and even used 55K from their account in Australia after they agreed with the interim board that that account will only be used to support the national team by the national team staff and no other purposes.

Contacts were made to the interim board and a board member said, they didn’t change the coach for the nines – there was just no coach, but a member of the dissolved board denied this and said, nines had a coach and that was Kristian Woolf.

With the allegations about the money being removed from the account in Australia, the board member said it is true they used the money for league and not any other purpose.

Issue about the interim board not setting a date for the AGM – was also raised by Fifita – but according to the board member – they will have to complete auditing League’s accounts before announcing the date for the AGM.

The complaints were raised together with other allegations in a letter received by Radio and Television Tonga News – addressed to the CEO of National Rugby League, CEO Rugby International Federation, GM Southern Hemisphere Rugby League International Federation and was mentioned that the letter was send by one of the players representing the whole group.

In the letter, it stated that the team will walk out of the upcoming World Nines if the interim board members are not removed.

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