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Government to rebuild 171 homes damaged in TC Gita

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/09/2019

Government, last week marked the beginning of the construction under their rebuilding project for homes damaged in Tropical Cyclone Gita last year. The Finance Minister was guest of honor at the program marking it by participating in a “ground-breaking” like ceremony for the foundation of the first house, belonging to widow – ‘Ana Kaufusi in Popua.

During the program the CEO of the Ministry of Infrastructure – Ringo Fa’oliu said Tropical Cyclone Gita left 8,247 homes damaged in February 2018, 561 of those homes completely destroyed. Shortly after Gita’s visit, the government led an initiative for assisting those affected, in a scheme that provided financial assistance to those whose houses suffered damage, worth 7 million pa’anga in total.

With government and other partners providing assistance after TC Gita there were many homes that benefitted and were able to recover.

However, Fa’oliu said they conducted a survey and found that 171 homes had not been able to rebuild and so government is now lending a hand, rebuilding these 171 homes.

Also attending the program were the Minister for Police – Mateni Tapueluelu who is the Peoples Representative for Tongatapu 4, and the Minister for Agriculture, Foods, and Forestry.

The MOI CEO also announced that the reconstruction works will continue to 32 schools affected in the cyclone, and that work will begin this month.

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