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‘Eua concerned for their water supply

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/09/2019

Locals of ‘Eua has again raise concern over their unclean water supply. Sisi Lasalosi, Tupou Pau’u and Sela Silatolu 88-year-old from ‘Eua said, this has been an ongoing issue on the island.

They said, when it rains the water will turn muddy and during drought season, some areas do not have water. Sunia Havea the government representative of ‘Eua said, the locals are already use to consuming and using unclean water.

Havea said, there was a million pa’anga project funded by NZ which aimed at ensuring a cleaner water supply for the people of ‘Eua, however Sunia said, various attempts made under the project was unsuccessful and to date, they still face the same problem. Contacts has been made to Tonga Water Board for a comment on the issue but to no avail.

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