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Art project to help high school students

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/09/2019

A new art project is helping troubled students improve their academic pursuits at school. The Seleka Arts Group is working together with Tonga High School over the 1 week break to encourage students who are facing difficulty in the classroom.

Tonga High School is the first school that Seleka Arts Group is working together with under this project and Tevita Latu from the group says this is a very helpful initiative as it allows the students to express themselves the way they want to using art. Latu says art can also be used as a tool to help the students relieve stress and can also be a passion they can pursue as a career in future.

Students taking part in the project – ‘Ana Moa from Form 6 and Sione Likiafu from Form7 say that this experience has opened up new ideas to them and has allowed them to enjoy the school holidays beautifying the school while also learning character building lessons.

This art project is not only for students struggling in school, it also allows other students to express their artistic talent and in working together on this project the students are able to set their differences aside and achieve a beautiful piece of art.

The students transform the blank walls of the school corridors into beautiful murals leaving a lasting impression on the school that can serve as a message of hope for future students of the school and all admirers of art.

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