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Tonga Cable Ltd. to pay off remaining debt to Hawaiki Cable Ltd.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/10/2019

Tonga Cable Limited has reached an agreement with the government to pay it’s 1.4 million US dollar debt to the Hawaiki cable limited.

The 1.4 million debt is the remaining amount from the 2.8 million USD agreement between Hawaiki and TCL for Hawaiki Cable to lay a spur of the undersea cable to allow Tonga to connect to the Hawaiki cable network

Speaking to Radio and Television Tonga News – a board director of TCL said, it is understood that the agreement was legal, but their concern is that the contract doesn’t make sense. Piveni Piukala said, Hawaiki’s the one taking advantage from this and not Tonga, similar has been done in Fiji in New Caledonia but with information they received these 2 countries didn’t have to pay anything but Tonga had to pay 2.8 million USD.

Piukala said, this deal – that was made by the DPM at the time – to him was unwise.

Contact has been made to the DPM at the time – for a comment on the issue but to no avail.

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