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TNRL takes legal action against government

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/10/2019

Tonga’s National Rugby League is launching legal action against the government following its suspension by the international governing body.

On Thursday the Rugby League International Federation suspended the TNRL after the Acting Prime Minister Semisi Sika told the federation the TNRL had lost the trust and support of its members, clubs and players.

TNRL Secretary William Edwards told Radio NZ International suggestions the body had lost support of the clubs and the community and told Radio NZ International – that a meeting was held the day after Woolf was sacked and 16 of the 22 clubs represented backed the move.

Contacts were made to members of the clubs that were present at that meeting where they denied William’s comment saying, they didn’t have a say in the board’s decision to sack Kristian Woolf. Not only that, they didn’t support their move where majority of the clubs have boycotted local tournaments and have established a new committee as they support the players and their coach.

With TNRL claiming that government’s move was illegal, the Acting Prime Minister – Semisi Sika said, TNRL’s membership being suspended by RLIF and federation’s decision to work with Tonga Ma’a Tonga – is really up to the federation. He said, the government’s received letters from the players and majority of the local clubs complaining about the current board. They also received a letter from the federation to clarify their stance in the issue – and Semisi Sika said, they wrote a letter – clarifying their stance and it was based on the letters they received. Majority of the clubs are with Tonga Ma’a Tonga – and are also supporting the players.

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