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Public dissatisfied with how ‘Etuate Lavulavu manipulated the establishment of the People’s Party

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/10/2019

The public has expressed dissatisfaction over ‘Etuate Lavulavus manipulation of members of parliament that led to the establishment of the People’s Party. This follows a report on Radio & Television Tonga News yesterday that aired a recording of Lavulavu requesting a reward for his part in establishing the people’s party.

Lavulavu was talking over the phone while he was being recorded, and he requested government approval for him to lease the plot of land the government flat he is renting is on at Sopu, and for a plot of land he previously owned in Tofoa to be returned to him, this is after it was seized by the bank and sold to an Asian buyer.

Lavulavu claimed the two plots of land were for his children and that this was a deserved reward for himself for his efforts in bringing together the People’s Party.

Speaking to Radio and Television Tonga News ‘Emelita Katoa, Fononga Latu, Sese Teutau, Talofa ‘Atoa, Meleate Palei and Steven Kaufusi said, such behaviour is unacceptable and people like Lavulavu – should never be involved with government’s operation because he is unreliable after the statements he made on the audio recording.

Some even said, that action should be taken against Lavulavu because what he planned and said is affecting the country as a whole.

On the issue about the lands – contact had been made to the Ministry of Lands and Survey – and a spokesperson confirmed that Hon. ‘Akosita Lavulavu has been residing at the said property as a Member of Parliament.

The Government Quarter and land remain the property of the Government administered by the Lord Minister for Lands and Mrs. Lavulavu is a tenant in her official capacity. The Lord Minister for Lands also confirmed that there is no intention to grant any legal title of the land and house to Mrs. Lavulavu.

Radio & Television Tonga News yesterday contacted Lavulavu to further elaborate on this but he refused to comment further, only to say that he will be suing our news.

When asking the PM about this, Dr. Pohiva Tui’onetoa said he was unaware of this arrangement and he assured the public that he will not accept this if it is submitted to cabinet.

The audio recording also contains some other issues that Radio & TV Tonga News will be following up on.

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