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Suspected cases of measles recorded in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/10/2019

Health Director Dr Siale ‘Akauola says Tonga has reported suspected cases of measles, after a group traveled to Auckland and retuned home few weeks ago.

He says, health officials are yet to confirm if it was one or two suspected cases.

Dr ‘Akauola says Tonga vulnerable to the virus as measles epidemic has been declared in Samoa and Auckland.

Earlier this week the Public Health Division started their awareness campaign on measles as Tonga is highly vulnerable to a possible measles outbreak as the children below the age of five who are yet to be vaccinated, as well as pregnant women, are highly at risk to contract measles.

The awareness program includes informing the public on the basic symptoms of measles which are rash, high fever and coughing. The team are also informing the public of preventative measures they can take to prevent contracting the virus.

Tonga’s Statistics Department records most of the passengers visiting Tonga are from New Zealand.

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