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“Bridge our hearts through Chinese” emphasized for Chinese language students

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/10/2019

Language as a tool for connecting people is what the Chinese Embassy in Tonga were promoting during their special China Day event yesterday with Chinese language students held at the Embassy yesterday afternoon, looking to foster people-to-people relations between China and Tonga.

Chinese Language students from Tonga High School and Tonga College yesterday got to experience Chinese culture with different displays and performances at the Chinese Embassy during a China Day event where the theme – “Bridge our hearts through Chinese.” was emphasized.

During the program the acting Chinese Ambassador – Yang Zhaohui highlighted the importance of language for communication between two peoples and the fostering of good relations.

Parts of yesterday’s events included interactive activities for the students from Chinese calligraphy to Chinese cuisine. Some of the students also performed a musical number in Chinese.

A Form 6 student from Tonga High School – Malia Hafoka made a speech about her interest in the Chinese language and her journey, studying the language over the past four years.

The students and teachers, along with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training who were attending the program also got to watch educational videos about China and were given souvenirs to return home with. This program promoting the Chinese language in Tonga was a first for the Chinese Embassy.

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