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FWC School Board looks to empower students failing in academia

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 25/10/2019

The Free Wesleyan Church’s school board along with their principals are currently organizing an initiative to help their students understand that they can find job opportunities despite the lower marks they have from their academic pursuits.

The president of the FWC schools – Rev Dr. Mele’ana Puloka says, the aim of the initiative is for students to feel they are not left out in the community especially those whose grades are below 39 – as Dr Puloka believes they can use their talents in other ways, from the field of academic studies.

From the past 3 years, they were able to track the Church’s school’s system and were able to identify that most students did not pass their exams including students from Queen Salote College, Tupou High School, and Tupou College.

Their hope is that these students could be taught in the environment they are used to also in the Tongan language.

Once the program will be approved by the government, it will be organized under the program – “I CAN” as a way of encouraging the students they can find jobs through the talents they already have.

The program has been carried out in villages such as Houma, Pea and Vaini.

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