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Supreme Court removes 1 count from 9 charged against Lord Tu’ivakano

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/10/2019

The Supreme Court had accepted to remove 1 count from the 9 charges against Lord Tu’ivakano. This was after his lawyer submitted an application to court to remove 9 of 15 charges against Tu’ivakano due to insufficient evidence.

The 9 charges include money laundering and accepting bribes as a government servant.

However, in his ruling, Lord Chief Justice Michael Whitten said, there was insufficient evidence for one count in accepting bribes as a government servant and while there’s sufficient commit Tu’ivakano for trial on eight out of nine charges that the former Prime Minister challenged.

However, Lord Tu’ivakano was charged for 15 counts in relation to the issuance of Tongan passports.

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