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Road blocks planned to ensure safe weekend celebrations

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 31/10/2019

A police operation is currently underway to temporarily block roads in central Nuku’alofa during and after this Saturday’s international rugby matches, aiming to prevent disorderly behavior.

Information from the Ministry states – the operation is set up following the arrests of 12 people last Saturday night in Nuku’alofa after the Game between the Tonga Invitational Team and the Great Britain Lions.

The operation will begin on Friday afternoon and will run until Sunday morning.

The purpose of the Operation is to keep everyone who will be in the Nuku’alofa area safe as well as targeting drunk and disorderly behavior.

Police adds, their focus will be on the safety of everyone and their property as well as the Businesses in the CBD area.

There will be road blocks as well on the main intersections coming into the CBD to contain and prevent traffic congestion.

Tonga Police warned that drunkenness and disorderly behavior would not be tolerated and that people playing loud music from their vehicles would be targeted because it is illegal to disturb the peace.

On Saturday night, the Tonga Invitational XIII will play Australia in Auckland and police are urging cooperation with the public to ensure road safety during such celebrations.

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