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Further changes to exam centers for students with measles

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/11/2019

There are about 25 Forms 5-7 students in Vava’u who have contracted measles but are still well enough to sit their national exams at a special exam center arranged by the Exam Unit to ensure the highly contagious virus is not spread to other students.

Here in Tongatapu the Head of the Exam Unit Amelia Folaumahina says there are about 20 students who have been identified as contracting measles but are still able to sit the exam. Yesterday they began their exams at a separate classroom at Tonga High School, but this morning it was announced that these students would be sitting their exams from today onward at the Maliu Kuonga Hall of the Free Church of Tonga of Kolomotu’a.

Folaumahina says they are providing this opportunity for those with measles because not everyone identified by the Ministry of Health is sick enough to be bedridden and miss the exam, some are still strong enough to take the exam, these extra precautionary measures are just to ensure that these students do not spread the virus to other students. As part of their precautionary measures the Exam Unit staff and some of the supervisors also got vaccine shots yesterday.

The ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education are working closely together to ensure that the students are given every possible opportunity to sit these exams while at the same time keeping the students safe from measles.

Folaumahina says those who are absolutely unable to sit the exams because of the measles outbreak are considered for a pass on compassionate grounds.

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