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Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga yesterday launched the “Youth Parliament for 2019

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/11/2019

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga, Lord Fakafanua yesterday launched the “Youth Parliament for 2019.  This year’s Youth Parliament will run from 10-12 December 2019. In his remarks Lord Fakafanua said This is Parliament’s initiatives to encourage youth participation and to increase awareness of its roles in society.

Lord Fakafanua says this is the Legislative Assembly’s continued commitment to youth empowerment, leadership, education and providing a unique platform where the voices of Tonga’s youth and young people can be heard.

The objectives of the Youth Parliament are to Encourage and support youth participation in political processes, help youth better understand parliament’s roles, functions, rules and procedures, Encourage young people to take an interest in citizenship activities in particular Parliament, Bring awareness to the public on youth perspectives regarding matters of national interest and the problems they face, Inspire and empower youth in leadership and decision making.

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