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New project will assist Tonga in reaching its 50% renewable energy by 2020

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/11/2019

Tonga’s second Large scaled Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) will be built at Matatoa after an agreement was signed last week between Tonga Power Limited and Akuo Energy SAS, a French independent power producer specializing in developing and operating renewable energy power plants. The agreement was signed by TPL Acting CEO – Steven ‘Esau and Akuo Energy Chief Operation Officer, Adrien Nayan Bock.

Akuo Energy were also the successful contractor for the first grid stabilization battery which will be located at Popua power station.

Battery Energy Storage Systems are a vital component to reaching Tonga’s 50% Renewable Energy target by end of year 2020.

Battery Energy storage systems will be able to store renewable energy generated from our existing solar and wind generation sites and distribute it to the people of Tonga when required.

This second Battery Storage system main function will be load shifting which will facilitate increasing capacity of renewable generation in the grid by storing solar generation during the day for use during evening peak and at night.

The project is expected to begin its planning and construction mid early 2020 and the plant is to be commissioned in September 2020.

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