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251 cases of suspected measles in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/11/2019

The Ministry of health has confirmed – to date – they have recorded 251 suspected cases of measles.

In a press release, it stated majority of the patients are in the island of Tongatapu at 86% with 14% in Vava’u.

There have been 4 admissions since the beginning of the outbreak and all have been discharged home with no complications. No deaths have been reported.

Eleven cases have been reported in infants less than 12 month of age, six cases in children 1-4 years of age and nine cases in children 5-9 years of age

The highly-contagious virus has now spread to the Pacific region from the New Zealand 2019 epidemic, with Tonga following Samoa’s recent declaration of an outbreak. In Samoa a two-year-old boy, died of suspected measles a week ago, and his family is now also mourning the death of his one-year-old sister, who is also thought to have died from the virus. A mother also mourned the death of her twin girls, who also died from the virus.

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