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Players are what sports are about, His Majesty said

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/11/2019

H.M. King Tupou VI on Thursday awarded medals to members of the Kau To’a team that hasn’t received a medal in the past – during a ceremony to welcome the team at the Royal residence of Villa. The medals is to honor the team’s success in their victory against the best league team in the world – Australia. H.M. also addressed the players.

People are more important than equipments, in other words the players are what sports are about, they are the heroes, they are the ones who are inspiring our young people, they are the good examples for youth to follow in good health and in healthy living. Sports in Tonga has never been about divisions, it is about unity, peace, competition, sportsmanship and setting a good example for others to follow. It is about opening doors for those who are following your lead, it is about giving to the future of youth and not just Tongan youth. Let us all act like good sportsmen and sports women, let us put aside our divisions and see the larger picture, which is to do the right thing and unite under the banner of sports in peace in our Kingdom of Tonga. We can do much more if we are united just as this rugby league team has already shown us and the world in the recent past, imagine what we can achieve if all our resources were pulling or pushing in the same direction, instead of against each other. Possibilities are endless only limited by our imaginations. Some of you players have been awarded honors before in my absence but today i would like add those of you whom were not here before to that distinguish list. I would like to leave you with a thought scripture. Hebrew 12:14. Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.

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