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Prime Minister marks completion of the Hahake coastal protection

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/11/2019

The government continues its program to villages in Tonga that are vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change. Yesterday, the Prime Minister marked the completion of the Hahake coastal protection project along with their evacuation roads and automatic weather stations. The project is under the Climate Resilience Sector Project – CRSP of the Ministry of MEIDECC.

Speaking during the program, CEO of the Minsitry of MEIDECC – Paula Ma’u says, the first part of the project was worth $4.4million pa’anga as grant assistance from the Asian Development Bank – ADB.

Its aim was for the villages such as Manuka and Navutoka to be able to withstand the negative impacts of climate change.

As we know, Tonga is the second most at risk country in the world to natural disasters, and most devastating of all is tsunami. There was a reason for constructing the seawall in this area. It was to provide escape routes to areas vulnerable to flooding from tsunamis in Talafo’ou, Navutoka, Popua and Tufuvai in ‘Eua. Paula also elaborated on the coastal protection project. This foreshore is the final component of this project. It is 2.3 km long which provides coastal protection for Navutoka and Manuka against storm and extreme weather events.”

After the program, the Prime Minister then unveiled the plaque to mark the completion of the project along with a site visit to the evacuation roads at Talafo’ou and Navutoka, also the automatic weather stations at Kolonga.

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