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14 inmates completed training on negative impacts of drugs

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/11/2019

14 inmates successfully completed a special training on the negative impacts of drugs, which was led by the Wycliffe Tonga Mission. The program was held yesterday evening at the Hu’atolitoli Prison.

The three-month training was based on teachings from the bible and encouraging inmates to make right decisions in life and understanding the impacts of illicit drugs.

This is the first time a special program on drugs has been carried out and great results have shown as an outcome.

One of the inmates who went through drug rehabilitation, Samiu Mafi says he is grateful to take part in the program as he has been facing challenges with drugs for the past 41 years.

Meanwhile, Rev. Semisi Kava from the Wycliffe Tonga Mission Board says the program is helpful as it provides guidelines for the drug addicts to make right decision by saying no to drugs.

A similar program will be carried out in Tongatapu 6 next week.

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